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Peng Chau Heritage project

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Peng Chau Heritage, Community and Sustainability Project

“By the people of Peng Chau for the people of Peng Chau”




Preserving the local heritage of Peng Chau, providing and caring for the local community, planning a bright future for peng Chau

  • Past (living museum): Peng Chau heritage Museum, library, pictures….Visit, tourist information, Promotion of Peng Chau Local Businesses. Restauration of the historical STONE HOUSE 🙂
  • Present: Peng Chau Residents’ community center: free acess, free air-con & Wifi sitting, meeting place and community activities (indoor dedicated area). Open to all, collectively run by the community of residents
  • Future: Sustain Peng Chau: Promotion and support of Sustainable, ecological projects (preservation, implementation)


Social enterprise:  attracting visitors to the centre (café, bar, guesthouse)

Conservation of history, heritage

Green projects, sustainability projects

Truly international coffee shop

Peng Chau residents club:  social, cultural, musical etc. exchange and awareness

Make the building a tourist attraction and Community center



Renovate building to its original state, using solar panels on roof (heritage, sustainability and eco-friendly)

The project needs support and a petition for support has been posted on website:

Please visit and sign online to support this nice heritage & community project

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